Opinion: My thoughts on Pokémon VGC 2016

Pokémon is more than just a game for me, I have been a massive fan of the game series since I first picked up Blue Version. As of the last few years playing I began to pay more attention competitively and become more aware of strategies, which is what makes Pokémon.

2016 VGC allowed legendaries, mega Rayquaza and primal reversions for the first time. Essentially, one can only win if they are running about five options of legendary Pokémon. Many of those Pokémon are also limited to the items that allow them to mega-evolve or primal revert. Similar to the complaints about CHALK in 2015, this years tournament lacked style and strategy as Glick went on to win with some Pokémon that have alleged to be cheated for.

While one can argue that you don’t have to use the legendaries, every single one of the top-eight did. To not use legendaries is effectively surrendering all hopes of winning.

First of all, I am not a fan of using legendaries competitively. The platform needs room for some rarely used Pokémon like Pachirisu (thanks Se Jun Park 2014). It’s just not fun when I use my eviolite Scyther and subsequently get smashed against a primal reversion Kyogre in one hit but hey, at least I lost with pride. On that subject, pride needs to be more relevant in the Pokémon community and that will happen when the Pokémon Company can accurately check for hacked or cheated Pokémon. Every attempt has failed and that is inexcusable. VGC 2016 wasn’t worth more than a minute of my time. There is an apparent need for creativity and the boundaries to do so must be set.