Best Songs to get you Through that Run

Running sucks. And that statement is coming from somebody who is pretty good at it. I’ve always been quite a good sprinter but lacked in the long distance department. For the last three years I have stayed at it trying to break personal records (PR’s) and getting over the long distance hump. This is a comprehensive list of my pick for the top songs to run to and why (all genres).

#5: Ready Steady Go- Paul Oakenfold: What is a better song to run to then a song titled after racing lingo? An EDM bridge to the chorus with a combination of keyboard and guitar makes for a fast paced (but not too fast) song to get a good rhythm with.

#4: POWER- Kanye West: Something about feeling strong gives you a rush of endorphins, just ask any UFC fighter to win by KO, they go bonkers. A reverbed choir creates an epic atmosphere for Kanye to do his thing.

#3: Chandelier- PVRIS (SIA Cover): An courageous chorus never fails to get my heart-rate elevated. A party song loaded with energy and a great pace to keep the feet moving. PVRIS do one hell of a justice to the original (Found on the Punk Goes Pop series).

#2: My Friend T3 (Remix of Resynthesize)- Mrs Jynx: My absolute favorite song to start out with and great for an outdoor run. Largely unknown electronic artist Mrs Jynx keeps a unique drum beat with a punctual-staccato keyboard sound that aids in setting the pace for a long run.

#1: White Washed- August Burns Red: I said this would include all genres and as a metalhead, you cannot beat this song. This is the final song to finish the run, never fails to give me goosebumps every single listen. The song features some of my favorite drumming of any metal song I have ever heard with great transitions and a breakdown that will power you to your best mile of the run.


Post outdoor run in Segovia, Spain.

It would be nice if my running app would show the change in my pace per song to help y’all out but I know it is a massive difference. For an easy link to find these songs on my ‘I Hate Cardio’ Spotify playlist, click this link!