Just This

As an introduction my name is Cody DeBona. I am a recent college graduate from Central Michigan University with a B.A. in Journalism, concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish. I also hate to define myself as a ‘recent grad’ so let’s just say that was an accomplishment and I am Cody. I think I have fallen in love with being able to create, writing being the main form as that’s what my focus was for the last four years. That is where this blog fall into the heavy mix of what I am throwing at you. As it stands, I work a job to get by and interview for countless jobs as a side gig. To a certain extent I am still, so now I will start to continue my craft under the restrictions and guidelines of only myself. Uncertain at what this blog will include, there is a few things I will touch on quite regularly; thoughts (voicing my own thoughts the way I see them), profiles (although I am sick of reading ‘Humans of New York’ ripoff titles, everyone has a story, everyone deserves an article), Tech (video game connoisseur), music and possibly some fitness. Pretty much as wide of a spectrum as it could get, but this is for me, by me, and if I pick up a few fans in my attempt at creating new things and telling stories then so be it.  Well there you have it, I am going to get to work… See ya soon.


-Cody DeBona (Bonez)